Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ford Vehicles Brave the Coldest Climates Without Issue

Ford Vehicles Brave the Coldest Climates Without Issue

PEKIN, Ill. – Have you ever run into trouble trying to start your vehicle in the dead of winter? Ford Motor Co. wants to make sure your vehicle functions year-round, regardless of how much snow falls or how cold it gets outside.

All 75 global prototypes of Ford vehicles brave the coldest climates without issue when the automaker brings them to McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida to go through bitter temperature testing. The laboratory simulates a range of cold weather climates from 40 to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and Ford vehicles have evinced their durability by pushing through each test.

Many Ford drivers live in isolated, northern lands burdened by winter’s heaviest snows and coldest bite, such as in Alaska and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada. These drivers not only need reliable modes of transportation, but also vehicles that can act as safe havens if the weather gets brutal enough, and it certainly does.

Thanks to a group of engineers who enacted daily modifications to vehicles while they tested at McKinley, Ford vehicles can brave the coldest climates without issue. In impressive display of motivation through trial and error, engineers reworked the F-Series Super Duty’s 6.7L engine until they discovered ceramic gold plugs produce heat faster than metallic plugs. This enables the engine to easily start and continue running in cold temperatures.

While we don’t experience Alaskan or Canadian winters in central Illinois, we definitely feel the temperature plunge at times during the winter. Harsh winter weather can prevent your vehicle from starting, but we’re certain that new Ford vehicles can overcome any temperatures we experience at our Washington, Ill., area used car dealer.

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