Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

PEKIN, Ill. –Every year we make resolutions that we can’t keep. You don’t need to remake yourself though; all you need is a positive change for the new year. This year make a New Year’s resolution that you can actually keep. Make yourself a better person, not a different person!

New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
  1. Go back to school
  2. Give back to charity
  3. Cross one thing off your bucket list
  4. Get organized
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Pay off a loan
  7. Plan a family vacation
  8. Get a new gadget
  9. Adopt a pet
  10. Travel somewhere you’ve never been
  11. Learn a new language
  12. Make a garden
  13. Start a blog
  14. Read a new book
  15. Start a fitness class
  16. Eat more fruits & veggies
  17. Master a new recipe
  18. Update your closet
  19. Start a savings account
  20. Reconnect with an old friend
  21. Mentor someone or get a mentor
  22. See your favorite musician/ band live
  23. Recycle more
  24. Make something for your home
  25. Make a scrapbook of your year
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