Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August is National Family Fun Month

PEKIN, Ill., – Did you know that August is National Family Fun Month? Spending time with your family is always a great idea, but take advantage of this excuse to force your children/siblings, etc., to hang out with you! We came up with this list of things to do with your family that will keep everyone entertained!

1. Cook a Family Meal

August is National Family Fun Month

What’s better than time spent in the kitchen with people you love? Kids always like to be involved with cooking and baking, give everyone a job to do! Or you could try something like personal pizzas, so everyone can have exactly what they like!

2. Family Game Night

Let everyone pick a board or interactive game and take turns playing everyone’s choice. If there are too many people in your family, take a vote to decide which games will be played!

 3. Make a Craft Together

August is National Family Fun Month

Hop on Pinterest and find a craft or project that everyone can create together! This list has some great ideas. We especially like the DIY Mason jar aquarium. It would be perfect for any age group!

4. Go to the Movies

If you want an activity to get everyone out of the house, head to the movie theatre! Going to the movies can be pretty pricey with all those snacks, so depending on the size of your family you may want to opt for number 5 instead.

5. Family Movie Night

August is National Family Fun Month

Turn your living room into the movie theatre! Picking a movie might be a tough decision, but the popcorn and pajamas will be a crowd-pleaser!

Since August is National Family Fun Month, we hope you find a way to celebrate wit your family! Hopefully our list gives you some good ideas or inspires you to come up with more ways to spend time with your family. At Velde Ford, we want to keep you and your family safe all year round. Be sure to check our routine maintenance page for tips on keeping your car in great shape. Don’t forget to check the latest fluids and filters pages for helpful info about your vehicle’s fluid and filter maintenance.

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