Tuesday, September 13, 2016

B&O PLAY Customizable Sound System

PEKIN, Ill., – Ford Motor Company is excited to announce their newest partnership; one that will bring a high quality sound experience to customers beginning in 2017. Ford and HARMAN will be collaborating to bring users the B&O PLAY customizable sound system.

B&O PLAY Customizable Sound System

Ford knows that car buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by audio brands. Drivers don’t just want a good car with a reliable engine, they want an entertainment experience as well. For Americans who spend a large portion of their lives commuting to work, a comfortable in-car experience is an important factor when considering a new vehicle. One-third of new car buyers say that the audio brand provided by their next vehicle would have an impact on their purchase, according to an Ipsos study in 2016.

In addition to providing a state of the art driving experience, Ford places an emphasis on the types of emotional connections people often feel with music and songs. Through these connections, Ford and Harmon feel their partnership demonstrates their shared commitments to quality, freedom, and innovative design.

B&O PLAY Customizable Sound System

The B&O PLAY system in new Ford vehicles will offer a customized audio system for users with personalized speaker placement and calibration. This means that high quality sound will be maintained in any driving condition!

Velde Ford Pekin knows that entertainment, including music and sound quality, is becoming increasingly important to buyers. The introduction of the B&O PLAY customizable sound system next year will provide continuing improvement to Ford’s line of technologies. To see what your Ford is capable of right now, check out our Ford SYNC Technology pages!

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