Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Car Care at Velde Ford Pekin

PEKIN, Ill., – Fall is creeping up on us and that means chillier temperatures are just around the corner! We want you to be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you by keeping up with your vehicle maintenance. We've compiled a few webpages for Fall Car Care at Velde Ford Pekin and included the maintenance services that we suggest you take care of before the weather gets cold. We included things such as belt and hose vehicle maintenance, windshield care, vehicle heating and ventilation system service, weather strip replacement, and how to create an emergency vehicle kit! We want to make sure you're always staying safe out on the road! Arrive safely to your destination by checking out all of our Fall Car Care pages:

Fall Car Care at Velde Ford Pekin

Belts & Hoses: On this page we discuss the different types of belts and hoses that can be found inside your vehicle. We talk about what each one does to keep your car running and how often they need to be serviced. We also mention signs that your belts or hoses need to be replaced such as squeaking noises and visible fluid leaks. We want to keep your car running efficiently so be sure to follow our tips for belt and hose vehicle maintenance for Fall Car Care.

Windshield Care: Here we talk about ways your windshield can become damaged and how to avoid chips and cracks in your glass. We discuss why your windshield is important to the structural integrity of your vehicle and why it's necessary to fix damages in your vehicle's glass as soon as you can. Specifically, how cracks and chips can become larger during cooler seasons and why you should have them fixed during your Fall Car Care!

Vehicle Heating & Ventilation: On the vehicle heating and ventilation page, we mention the reasons your heating and ventilation system is important to your vehicle. We talk about the different components of the system and how you can tell if you might have a problem. Your heating and ventilation system is important to take care of during Fall Car Care because it keeps you warm in your vehicle, but it also helps your engine run properly!

Vehicle Weather Strips: On the weather strip replacement page, we tell you all about the different weather strips and seals on you vehicle and where they're located. Vehicle Weather strips do more than seal out the elements, they secure vehicle components in place while you're driving! Read this page for help deciding if your weather strips need to be replaced or repaired for Fall Car Care!

Emergency Vehicle Kit: An emergency vehicle kit is great to have in all types of weather! On this page we have compiled a list of items to have in your car at all times, like jumper cables and a flashlight. We also included a list of cold weather items that you might need if you find yourself stranded in the snow! Check out our emergency vehicle kit page to get prepared during Fall Car Care!

Once you read through all of our Fall Car Care pages at Velde Ford Pekin, we think you'll see the importance of readying your vehicle for the cooler temperatures ahead! We'd love to help you with any maintenance service you may need for your belts and hoses, windshield care, heating and ventilation system, or weather strips, and we'd be happy to answer any questions about creating your own emergency car kit! Let us know if we can help by calling (888) 221-2804, or you can schedule an appointment on our website! You can also refer to our service FAQ page if you have any additional questions!

Located at 2200 North 8th Street, Pekin, IL 61554, Velde Ford of Pekin is committed to providing customers outstanding service. We want you to enjoy your car buying experience. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to stop by the dealership or visit our website at You can also reach us at (888) 221-2804. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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