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Spring Cleaning and Vehicle Detail Tips

PEKIN, Ill., – For many people, the arrival of spring means out with the old and in with the new. If you're getting ready to tackle your spring cleaning list, don't forget about your vehicle! Your ride could probably use a little TLC, inside and out, after a long winter. We gathered our favorite Spring cleaning and vehicle detail tips you can use this season to make your car feel brand new again! Don't forget, we offer many affordable vehicle detailing packages to help in your Spring car care efforts.

Spring Cleaning and Vehicle Detail Tips

1. Clear the Trash & Junk

Unless you're an unbelievably neat person, odds are you have some junk in your car. You can make your car feel new again by removing all items from the center console, glove box, and other storage areas first. Then clean out or wipe down those areas, and sort through all the items you removed. Carefully organize the necessary items back into those freshly cleaned storage areas!

2. Vacuum Your Interior

Head to the carwash to use the industrial vacuum cleaners or hook up the Shop Vac if you have one at home and rid your vehicle of dirt, leaves, gravel, and whatever else has accumulated in the nooks and crannies. You can use a small brush or compressed air to get in the hard to reach areas.

3. Wipe Down Interior Surfaces

Use cleaning wipes, Armor All, or all purpose cleaning spray to wipe down your interior surfaces like your dashboard, steering wheel, console, and cup holders. Be sure to use the appropriate type of cleaning product for your vehicle's upholstery or leather, so you don't damage your interior!

4. Clean the Windows

Wipe down the inside of your windows with Windex or a vinegar-based solution and a microfiber towel. Be sure to get the inside of your front and rear windshield, and your moon or sun roof if you have one. This not only makes your car look good, but gets rid of those pesky window streaks you might have so you can see better.

5. Wash the Exterior

Hand wash your vehicle at home, or head over to Velde Ford in Pekin for a vehicle detail! Make sure to only use soap intended for vehicles, as dish detergent can be too harsh, and avoid scratchy sponges or tough brushes. Remember to hand dry your vehicle afterwards with a microfiber towel, as air drying can leave spots on the paint.

6. Treat Your Tires/Wheels to a Brush

Your tires and wheels collect all sorts of gunk from the road, including road salt, dirty water residue, etc., which can lead to a build up of grime. Give your wheels a nice brush treatment with soap and water to make them shine again.

Keep your car clean all year long with these additional car care hacks:

Spring Cleaning and Vehicle Detail Tips

  • Use silicone cupcake liners inside of your cup holders. They are easy to pop in the dishwasher when they get dirty and save you from having to scrape the grime out of your center console.
  • Wipe down your wiper blades with rubbing alcohol to prevent streaking.
  • Keep a small container or bag for trash to keep it from building up throughout the year.
  • Keep tissues in a to-go cup
Spring Cleaning and Vehicle Detail Tips

We hope you can use these Spring cleaning and vehicle detail tips to keep your vehicle in great shape for the coming seasons! For more advice and ways to keep your car looking fabulous in the seasons to come, check out our Spring Car Care pages. Here we have more maintenance advice and spring cleaning tips for your car. If you'd like to skip the car cleaning all together, we can help! See our full vehicle detail menu and schedule an appointment to have your car professionally cleaned and protected at Velde Ford. 

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