Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Ford is the No. 1 Brand that Generation Z Considers

Why Ford is the No. 1 Brand that Generation Z Considers
PEKIN, Illi. - MartizCX, a customer experience software and research company based in Salt Lake City, recently released reports about the automotive market and which vehicle brand tends to draw in young people when they start car shopping. After surveying almost 1,100 people between the ages of 16-21, results showed that Ford is the number 1 brand that "Generation Z" considers when looking for a new vehicle.  

When Generation Z sets out to purchase a new vehicle, three "must have" elements sit at the top of their list: fuel economy, vehicle design, and vehicle value. At the end of the day, Gen Z wants a vehicle that looks good and that can take them far on one take of gas. Once this study was released, it was very understandable why young drivers gravitate towards Ford vehicles, especially since the brand has recently started to build more and more vehicles prioritized around these attributes

Another contributor to Ford being the number 1 brand that Generation Z considers is the automaker's exceptional lineup of small and midsize vehicles. The MartizCX study showed that a majority of Gen Z buyers preferred compact cars like the Ford Focus, midsize sedans like the Fusion, and subcompact cars like the Fiesta, over utility vehicles and trucks. With Generation Z having more financial limitations than older buyers, the car segment offers several more cost effective options than the utility or truck segments. 

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