Monday, June 1, 2015

Ford Electrified Vehicle Patents Opened to Competitors

Ford Electrified Vehicle Patents Opened to Competitors

PEKIN, Illi.– The word is out! Ford electrified vehicle patents are open to competitors! It was a surprising move by the automaker, which, like its competitors, is generally protective of its technology. But what may seem like an unusual move in such a competitive industry is actually one of the best things Ford could do!

With a total of 650 electrified vehicle patents and 1,000 pending, it’s no secret that Ford is a driver in automotive technology. In an effort to show its seriousness about the future, Ford applied for over 400 electrified vehicle patents in 2014, and this year the automaker plans on hiring 200 engineers to work in Ford Engineering Laboratories – where the electrified vehicle technology magic happens. Other automakers have made advancements of their own, but no one brings innovation to the table like Ford.

Progress like this has given Ford room to determine its own goals while also influencing the future of the automotive world at large. In the end, Ford electrified vehicle patents were opened to competitors in order to share invaluable insight that could ultimately benefit the industry and society much more so than keeping secrets.

While sharing its patents is definitely an act of generosity on Ford’s part, competitors can’t expect to piggyback off all of Ford’s hard work! For a fee, competitors can get their hands on Ford’s electrified vehicle patents and published patent applications by getting in touch with their technology commercialization and licensing office, or via the automaker collaborative innovation and licensing marketplace known as AutoHarvest.

It’s safe to say that no other automaker gets technology like Ford does but we’re expecting to see industry technology advance at a rapid pace in the name of collaboration. One thing is for sure: We’ll always be able to trace this technology back to vehicles like the New Ford Cars and New Ford Trucks that we carry at our Morton Area Ford Dealership!

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