Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Millennials Prefer American-Made Vehicles

Millennials Prefer American-Made Vehicles

PEKIN, Illi.– According to a recent survey from Ford, the majority of Millennials prefer American-made vehicles. In particular, members of Generation Y– ages 23 to 24– and Generation Z– ages 16 to 22– believe American-made vehicles connote quality, which they value over attractiveness. Not surprising, they also see Ford as one of the top three car brands to manufacture quality vehicles.

Millennials lean in the opposite direction of their parents when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. 72 percent say they don’t feel obligated to purchase the same brand vehicles as their parents, and 91 percent trust that American-made vehicles are equal to or better than their foreign competitors.

While the majority of Millennials may disagree with their parents on brand preference, that doesn’t mean they altogether reject their parents’ opinions. When assessing a vehicle, 40 percent of Millennials will still consider their parents’ input. However, the Internet’s influence definitely doesn’t lag far behind. 38 percent value online reviews and 27 percent look to third-party quality rankings.

Overall, Millennials want to see evidence for the quality of a vehicle, not just hear about it, before they make a purchase. More than anything, including their parents’ opinions, Millennials consider factors such as cost, gas mileage, driving quality and safety features before making a vehicle purchase.

This data shows a shift in thinking. For a long time, the look of a vehicle has taken precedence, but Millennials prefer American-made vehicles because they know companies like Ford consider quality to be paramount. It’s no surprise they rank Ford as one of the top three brands to purchase from! If you’re a Millennial, come see for yourself the quality built into the New Ford Cars and New Ford Trucks and our Morton Area Ford Dealership!

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