Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ford Makes Carbon Fiber Wheels with Space Shuttle Technology

Ford Makes Carbon Fiber Wheels with Space Shuttle Technology

PEKIN, Illi.– We’ve sent men to the moon, calculated Earth’s orbit, and even taken pictures of Pluto, but who ever thought all of that science could be applied to a car?

Now that Ford makes carbon fiber wheels with Space Shuttle technology for its Shelby® GT350R Mustang, you’ll soon learn how useful this knowledge can be on the road. Many auto parts companies already produce aftermarket carbon fiber wheels, but Ford will be the first automaker to mass-produce a wheel of this caliber.

Ford took special care to design a carbon fiber wheel able to endure harsh elements and even the occasional curb or pothole. The wheel is made a pre-made structure of carbon fiber strands woven together, and after an RFID chip tracked by Ford’s quality assurance system is inserted into the wheel, it’s infused with resin and cured at high heat.

The Space Shuttle technology plays in when Ford coats the wheels with a ceramic plasma arc spray originally intended for the Space Shuttle. The coating gives Ford’s carbon fiber wheels a layer of thermal protection that keeps brake heat from doing any damage.

Ford makes carbon fiber wheels with Space Shuttle technology, but its own development and testing has a large part in the functionality of the wheels. It isn’t news that Ford puts all of its wheels through vigorous tests that cover curb strikes, UV and chemical exposure, and high temperatures, and the GT350R’s carbon fiber wheels get the same brutal treatment before they’re approved.

The difference between Ford’s carbon fiber wheels and typical aluminum wheels is the level of durability and support. Its carbon fiber wheels are stiffer, lighter and more resilient, and give the GT350R better suspension response times, chassis performance, weight reduction and overall handling.

As much as we wish Ford’s carbon fiber wheels could be used on any vehicle, they’re intended for a high-performance track-ready vehicle like the Shelby GT350R Mustang, the most intense pony car manufactured today that is obviously in need of some above-average wheels that can take the heat.

Perhaps one day you’ll see Ford mass-producing carbon fiber wheels with Space Shuttle technology for more typical everyday vehicles, but for now– unless you intend to purchase a Shelby GT350R Mustang– you might have to settle with one of the New Ford Trucks or New Ford Cars for sale at our Ford Dealer serving Washington, IL. And don’t worry, these vehicles might not have the bite that a GT350R has, but they’re definitely just as dependable, even without carbon fiber wheels.

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