Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ford Makes Teens Safer Drivers with Driving Skills for Life

Ford Makes Teens Safer Drivers with Driving Skills for Life

PEKIN, Illi.– American auto companies produce the majority of the vehicles we drive in the U.S., and, therefore, have an obligation to produce safe vehicles like the 5-Star Safety Rating 2015 Ford Edge.

However, Ford makes teens safer drivers with Driving Skills for Life summer camp not as an obligation, but because they want to see younger drivers avoid accidents, injuries and potential fatality.

Ford’s DSFL summer camp gives teens a deeper education they typically don’t get in your average driver’s education course by showing teens how you can handle your vehicle on slick terrain or how you can avoid a messy accident with an object or animal in the road. Ford also shows teens how hazardous driving under the influence can be by giving them the opportunity experience simulated impairment with goggles and a special suit.

By partnering with the Governors Highway Safety Association, Ford’s DSFL will host 1,500 teens and their parents at the free summer camp, which is touring across six states starting in Fargo, N.D., on July 7, and moving through Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming into the month of August. Each stop will include four half-day sessions that cover vehicle handling, hazard recognition, speed management and space management.

Considering teen drivers are three times more likely than experienced drivers to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident, according to the CDC, Ford makes teens safer drivers with Driving Skills for Life by teaching them safer driving habits. The six states DSFL is touring through are ranked highest for high school teens ages 16 years or older who drink and drive, which places them at higher risk of being lumped into the CDC’s startling statistics on teen driving behavior that leads to death.

This time of the year also happens to be when teen driving accidents peak, so it makes sense why Ford would schedule DSFL to take place over the next month or so. Ford also wants teens’ parents to come out, too, because even experienced drivers need some recapping, and it never hurts to get an objective perspective on how you’re driving.

Although DSFL won’t be coming through our neck of the woods, we’re glad Ford is taking time to teach young drivers how to master the road and be safe. When it comes to safety, we trust Ford vehicles. That’s why we sell New Ford Cars and New Ford Trucks at our Washington, IL, Ford Dealer!

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