Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ford Designed a Drugged Driving Suit to Teach Drivers a Lesson

Ford Designed a Drugged Driving Suit to Teach Drivers a Lesson

PEKIN, Ill. – National data has shown that drugged driving is on the rise with 18% of all motor vehicle deaths involving drugs. Ford Motor Company has a plan to change that, though. Ford designed a Drugged Driving Suit to teach drivers a lesson on what it feels like to drive under the influence of drugs and scare them away from it. 

The suit was developed with scientists from Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Germany. Ford designed this Drugged Driving Suit to teach drivers a lesson about the effects drugs have while you’re driving. The suit simulates many different drugs effects like cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and Ecstasy.

Those who wear the suit will experience slower reaction time, distorted vision, hand tremors, and poor coordination. Each part of the suit will help with these effects making it feel just like you would if you were under the influence. 

The plan is to incorporate this suit into Ford’s Driving Skills For Life program. Ford Motor Company Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts established this program in 2003 to teach newly licensed drivers and parents important skills that reach beyond what your normal drivers education would.

The Drunk Driving Suit was incorporated last year into the Ford Driving Skills For Life program and those who wear the suit say it’s an eye-opening experience. Ford hopes that the Drugged Driving Suit will have the same impact.

The program is offered in all 50 states and 30 different countries. Ford plans to train more than 150,000 drivers globally by the end of 2015. If you have a newly licensed driver in your household, head on over to to learn more. If you’re looking for a great car for your new driver come into our used car dealership near Morton, IL. We have plenty of great vehicles for low prices.

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