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6 Traveling Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

6 Travelling Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

VELDE, Ill. – Summer road trips are the best! With spring finally here, your family might already be thinking about where your vacation destination will be this year. If you’re going camping or visiting other family members, it’s likely you’re bringing the dog along with you, because they’re family too. Your safety on the road is always very important to us, but your furry friend’s safety is just as important. If you’re taking a road trip with the whole family this spring or summer, follow these 6 traveling tips to keep your dog safe.

6 Traveling Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe
  1. The front seat is for humans. We know your dog looks like a great copilot, but he/she is not safe in the front seat. First off, if an accident occurs and the airbag deploys, they could seriously get hurt, even if they’re in a crate. Second, it’s very distracting to you as a driver to have them sitting in the front seat with you. Your eyes should always be focused on the road.
  2. Pets shouldn’t roam in the vehicle. Going along with the first tip, this is a huge distraction to the drive and also another safety risk for your canine friend. You can either get them an appropriate sized crate and anchor it down so it doesn’t bounce or slide or you can get a dog seatbelt that will keep them safely tied to the seat comfortably.
  3. Don’t skip rest stops! Your dog doesn't have a voice to tell you when he might need to use the bathroom, so stop intermittently to make sure they're ok. Not only that, but being cramped inside a car for too long isn’t good for you or your dog. Go for a walk and stretch your legs. This can also help with their rambunctiousness in the vehicle. Keep in mind that when you’re letting your dog out of the car he/she should have their collar and leash on with a name tag.
  4. Keep your dog’s head inside the vehicle. We know that your dog loves sticking their head out the window, but this can be dangerous for him/her. Flying debris and other objects can get into your dog’s eyes, and the cold air from the wind can actually get into their lungs and make them sick. So while they may look like they’re enjoying themselves, it’s not worth their safety.
  5. Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car. This is a big no-no. Even if it’s nice outside, your vehicle gets much hotter in a small period of time. Cracking your window isn’t the best idea either; it can still get too hot in there for them. Also, what may seem like a short amount of time for you, is not for your dog. This could also cause anxiety. 
  6. Give you dog as much comfort as possible. Some dogs like traveling, and others don’t. Either way, trying to comfort them with a familiar toy or some company from a person that’s not driving is important. This will keep our dog from getting to excited or anxious. Keep in mind that this should not be the job of just one person, try switching off duties every hour or so.
With these traveling tips, you and your dog will have a great road trip vacation. Before you start your road trip though, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is ready to go. Check out our service FAQ page to learn about the routine maintenance your vehicle needs to perform its best. We’re happy to take care of your brakes, tires, wipers, or anything else you need before you hit the road. You can schedule a service appointment online or over the phone by calling (888) 221-2804.

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