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Spring Car Care by Velde Ford Service Experts

Spring Car Care by Velde Ford Service Experts

PEKIN, Ill. – Spring is finally here at Velde Ford! We want to make sure that you’re always driving safely on the road, so we’ve made a section on our website that focuses on spring car care by the Velde Ford service experts. Taking proper care of your vehicle involves getting the routine maintenance and services it needs every season. Below you’ll see the sections that we cover in our spring car care. Learn about all about the maintenance your wipers, tires, fluids, alignment, and suspension your vehicle needs. You'll also find a section on spring cleaning for your car to get it neat and tidy for the season. Keeping a clean car will ensure you’re free of distractions on the road and prolong the life of your vehicle. Velde Ford understands how much of an investment your vehicle is, so we’re going to help anyway we can to keep it running and in perfect condition. Prepare your vehicle for the spring season with our service experts at Velde Ford.

Spring Car Care by Velde Ford Service Experts

Spring Car Care by Velde Ford Service Experts

Wipers: Your wipers blades are essential to your safety in the rainy spring season. Working alongside your windshield fluid, wiper blades that are in good condition will keep your view clean and clear. Take a look at our spring wiper blades page to learn about the signs your wipers need to be replaced. Come to our Velde Ford Service Center if you need help picking out your new spring wiper blades. We’ll be happy to install them for you too!

Tires: Now is the perfect time to switch from those winter tires to all season tires. If you already have all season tires, it’s important to ensure that your tread is in good condition. Head on over to our spring tire page for the signs of wear and tear on your tread. Good tires will keep you safe on the rainy spring roads with the traction you need. If you’re unsure of your tires’ condition, make an appointment at our Service Center at Velde Ford online. We’ll inspect, rotate, and install tires for your vehicle.

Fluids: Your fluids will play a key role in your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Each fluid plays a different role for your vehicle, and each of them has a different service schedule as well. On our spring fluids page you’ll find a list of three different fluids you should check this season along with the fluid’s purpose and service interval. Servicing your fluids this spring includes checking their levels, flushing, changing, and topping them off as needed. If you need any of these done for the season, schedule an appointment with our service experts online.

Suspension &Alignment: Your vehicle’s suspension and alignment keep your ride nice and easy on the road. Keeping up with your spring alignment care will ensure your vehicle drives straight on the road. With spring suspension care, your vehicle will always give you a smooth and even ride on the road. Go to our spring suspension and alignment care page for warning signs your vehicle needs to be serviced. Your suspension and alignment will affect your vehicle’s overall performance, so it’s important to keep up on their routine maintenance. Make your spring suspension and alignment service appointment with Velde Ford online.

Car Spring Cleaning: Make your vehicle spotless this spring with our service expert’s best tips and tricks for cleaning. Keeping your vehicle clean has many benefits. To name a few you’ll always be prepared in an emergency, you’ll never be distracted by clutter, and you can increase your vehicle’s life span. The cleaner you keep your vehicle the longer your interior and exterior materials will last. Also, with spring being the perfect month for cleaning out your vehicle, we have a step-by-step guide to get all the salt from the winter months out of your carpets. Follow these tips and tricks for your spring car cleaning and your vehicle will look great this spring and plenty more seasons to come!

The service experts at Velde Ford are happy to provide the information you need to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Knowing the services your vehicle needs each season will keep your vehicle performing its best all year round. We’re happy to take care of your wipers, tires, fluids, suspension, and alignment at our Service Center. If you ever have any questions about the routine maintenance for your vehicle, give us a call at (888) 221-2804 or take a look at our service FAQ page. You can schedule your spring car care appointment online today. We are located in Pekin, IL, but we’re happy to extend our services to our neighboring cities of Peoria, Tremont, Morton, and Washington. We look forward to helping you get ready for spring at Velde Ford!

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