Thursday, April 21, 2016

10 Tips to Make the Planet Greener for Earth Day

10 Tips to Make the Planet Greener for Earth Day

PEKIN, Ill. – Earth Day 2016 is here, and it’s time to actively take steps towards a more green and healthy planet. We celebrate Earth Day every year to show appreciation to our planet and inspire others to do the same. While some will volunteer around their community, or others towards a specific cause, you can make a difference in your everyday life with these 10 tips to make the planet greener for Earth Day.

10 Tips to Make the Planet Greener for Earth Day
  1. Invest in a bike. Biking may not be as fast as driving, but it’s much better for the planet and you. Biking is still a great form of transportation if you only need to go a few miles, and you get a great workout.
  2. Open your curtains. Let the sunshine in on sunny days and you’ll have no need to turn on your lights. You can open up your window, too for fresh air instead of turning on your air conditioner.
  3. Plant a garden. Having a garden not only provides you with fresh and healthy food, but it’s great for the soil as well.
  4. Turn off and unplug electronics. If you’re not using an electronic make sure you unplug it. By keeping it plugged in, even if it’s not turned on, can waste electricity.
  5. Start using reusable bags. A lot of paper and plastic bags are used at the grocery store, but you can start making a difference and use less with reusable bags.
  6. Buy a water bottle. Instead of wasting plastic by using disposable plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable option. If you’re worried about clean water, you can buy a water filter too. It’ll save you money in the long run, and the cut down on plastic thrown away. If you do use the disposable bottles, make sure to recycle them! 
  7. Pay your bills online. Not only will this cut down on paper, but it’s also super convenient for you. If you’re worried about forgetting about them, look into auto pay.
  8. Switch your shower head. If you have an old shower head, changing it to a newer, more efficient option will save thousands of gallons a year.
  9. Plant some trees in your yard. One tree can absorb up to a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. Bonus: you’re adding nice landscaping to your yard.
  10. Run a full dishwasher. It’s better to run a dishwasher than hand wash dishes, but when you run it make sure it’s completely full so you’re not wasting water and you don’t have to do more loads than needed.
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