Friday, April 22, 2016

Ford Mustang is the Most Popular Car Around the World

Ford Mustang is the Most Popular Car Around the World

PEKIN, Ill. – A global takeover by one of the most iconic cars around has happened. If you’re a pony fan, you’ll be happy to know that the Ford Mustang is the most popular car around the world by ranking as the best selling sports coupe globally.

Globally, Ford has sold 110,000 Mustang Coupes according to IHS Automotive. On top of that, 30,000 Mustang Convertibles were sold. In total, the belling selling sports car topped off at 141,868 units sold.

Erich Merkle, a Ford sales analyst was thrilled to report about the Mustang’s sales saying, “U.S. consumers have enjoyed interesting foreign sports cars for decades, so it was time for the Americans to return the favor with the worldwide launch of the new Mustang. Global markets have responded in a huge way. Ford Mustang was the only sports coupe in the world with more than 100,000 units registered last year.”

In the upcoming year, Ford projects that the sales are only going to increase since last year. The Mustangs are available in 140 markets, including Australia. While a lot of American millennials are looking forward to the 2.3L EcoBoost engine, the markets overseas are all about the V8.

Here are some numbers for the Ford Mustang around the world:
  • Since the Mustang has was put on sale in Europe, which was last summer, over 16,600 vehicles have been ordered.
  • In the United Kingdom a total of 3,500 Mustangs have been sold.
  • 339 Mustangs have been sold in France.
  • In March, the Mustang was the number one selling sports coupe in Germany.
  • The Mustang was also the top selling sports coupe in China throughout the fourth-quarter of 2015.
  • The Mustang was so popular in Australia that is was the number one selling sports coupe for the first three months is went on sale, and initially sold out through 2017.
  • Bringing it all the way back, In the US there were 12,563 Mustangs sold.

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