Tuesday, May 17, 2016

7 Grilling Safety Tips You Should Know

7 Grilling Safety Tips You Should Know

PEKIN, Ill. – Memorial Day weekend is just the around the corner and so is grilling season, if you haven’t started already. During the warmer months, there’s no better meal then one made over the grill. If you haven't yet, you can try out these mouthwatering grilling recipes that we blogged about last week! While grilling is fun to do and a great way to get everyone together, safety should still be on your mind. Here are 7 grilling safety tips you should know this season to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy. 
  1. Propane and charcoal grills should always be used outdoors and away from your home, camper, or other large structures while you’re cooking. It’s important to keep them out from under tents or awnings as well.
  2. Make sure your grill is stable before use. Check to see that all four corners are evenly flat on the ground. This will ensure that your grill won’t tip over while cooking.
  3. Children and pets should never be playing around a grill. Don’t take a chance of anyone getting burned. As a general rule, kids and animals should stay at least 4 feet away from the grill while it is in use.
  4. Don’t leave your grill unattended. When you’re ready to start cooking, make sure you bring everything you need from the house outside so you’re not making trips back and forth.
  5. Use proper barbecuing utensils. Grilling utensils have extra long handles that make food handling easier and safer. These utensils help avoid burns and splatters.
  6. Be prepared for anything. In case of a fire, you should have a plan ready. For a grease fire you can use baking soda. Also have a fire extinguisher ready, or if you don’t have one of those, a bucket of sand or a garden hose.
  7. Don’t ever try to move a grill while it’s hot. Once the grill is lit, it shouldn’t be moved. Moving a grill is not safe because you could easily get burned or the grill could tip over. 
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