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May is the Month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May is the Month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness

PEKIN, Ill. – May is the month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness. Velde Ford takes your safety very seriously. Keeping you and other drivers on the road is our first priority. During the nicer months, it’s important to start looking for motorcyclists on the road. Too many accidents are caused between car drivers and motorcycle riders that could be easily prevented. Staying safe on the road is a two-way street and a shared effort, so take a look at these safety tips for drivers and motorcyclists.

Tips for Motorcyclists:
  • Wearing the right gear for riding is the key to your safety. A helmet, closed toe shoes, pants, a motorcycle jacket, and gloves should all be worn. Although some motorcycle gear can be a little heavy to wear, it’s going to ease your fall in case you ever get into an accident. Some of the gear, like your helmet, will also help protect you from flying debris when you’re riding.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and always watch out for potential road hazards. As a motorcyclist, you’re harder to see in traffic. Being aware of other drivers around you and looking out for any road hazards like potholes, train tracks, and construction will help you avoid any potential accidents.
  • Use your turn signals and headlights. The key is to make you as visible as possible to other drivers. This is also very important to other drivers, but motorcyclists especially. You’re more likely to get into an accident when other cars can’t see you or don’t know where you’re going. 
  • Check the weather. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a rainstorm or thunderstorm when you’re on your motorcycle. Double checking the weather will help your avoid these situations and keep you safe on the road.

Tips for Drivers:
  • If you’re driving behind a motorcycle, leave at lease a 3-4 second following distance between you and the bike. If there’s ever a case than you need to stop quickly or swerve, you want to have the time to do that and avoid hitting the motorcyclist in front of you.
  • Consider the condition of the road you’re on. If you’re on a road with potholes, railroad tracks, or even construction, the motorcyclists will need to slow down and avoid these obstacles more than a person with a car. We recommend following even further behind when encountering road conditions like this.
  • Always, always, always check your blind spots! This is one of the leading causes of accidents between cars and motorcycles. Motorcyclists move much quicker and are much smaller, making them harder to see when they’re coming up in your blind spot. Double checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulders will help you avoid any potential accidents.
  • Don’t try to share a lane with a motorcycle. Even if your car is on the smaller size, it’s never safe to share a lane. In the case that you have to swerve or the motorcyclist needs to swerve, you may collide. Give the motorcycle the space it needs to drive. 

Although May is the month for Motorcycle Safety Awareness, you should practice these tips every month to keep safe on the road. Your safety goes beyond these helpful tips. Take a look at our Spring Car Care pages online to learn about the maintenance your tires, car fluids, and suspension and alignment need this season. Routine maintenance will not only keep you safe on the road, but your vehicle will perform its best as well. Schedule your spring service appointment online today.

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