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10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

PEKIN, Ill., – Who says summer bucket lists are just for kids? Although our 10 summer bucket list ideas can definitely include children, they’re also perfect for any adult looking to be a little adventurous this summer. Don’t let the good weather pass you by! Take advantage of the upcoming summer months! Can you check everything off of our list before fall rolls around?

1. Take a road trip

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Taking a road trip doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. It doesn’t call for much planning either! Grab a friend, pack some snacks, fill up your tank, and just drive! You might be surprised at the fun things you find on your little adventure! If you’re the type of person who needs to have a plan, head to Chicago with our 5 fun Chicago destinations. Chicago is less than 3 hours from Pekin! If that’s too far, Champaign is just a little over an hour drive!

2. Go camping in the backyard

Camping is great summer bucket list item because you can make it as big of a deal as you want! Setting up a tent in the backyard with the kids can be just as much fun as planning a camping trip over a long weekend. Not only are you within close range of running water, running inside is easy in the case of inclement weather! You can still do all the fun camping things like roasting marshmallows over the fire pit and sleeping on air mattresses in sleeping bags, all while being a few steps from indoor bathrooms!

3. Try something new

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summertime presents a great opportunity to try new things! What is something you’ve always wanted to do but never actually done before? Have you ever gone paddle boarding or kayaking? What about hiking or rock climbing? Make a commitment to yourself this summer to try something new and exciting! It could be something as small as trying a new food or recipe! Step out of your comfort zone!

4. Cook a meal from farmers market ingredients

This summer, the Pekin Farmers Market will be held every Thursday through September 3rd from 4-6pm. A great meal to prepare from farmers market ingredients would be a fresh omelet! You can find farm fresh eggs, veggies and cheese to cook a delicious breakfast, all while supporting your local farmers!

5. Attend an outdoor concert

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Live music is always a great time, but take advantage of the good weather and go to an outdoor show! Whether it’s a big name artist or a small local band, you’re sure to have a great time listening to some music under the sun or the stars!

6. Read a new book

Make yourself a list of books you’ve been dying to read. Maybe they’re the classics you never got to or an author a friend recommended. Whatever the case, summer is a great time to catch up on the reading you’ve been falling behind on.

7. Plan a picnic

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Whether it’s you and a friend, you and your kids, or you and your significant other, who doesn’t love a good a picnic? Pack up a lunch and blanket and take it to your favorite beach or other outdoor area! If the weather isn’t looking so great, you can always try an indoor picnic on the living room floor!

8. Tie Dye

Do you have some old dingy white clothes lying around? Run to the local craft store and pick up a tie dye kit! Turn your unwanted clothes into works of art. You could also try tie dying old white shoes or sheets! Tie dye is a great outdoor activity for kids and adults!

9. Start a garden

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Have you always wanted to start a garden in your backyard? Summer is the perfect time! If you don’t have space in your yard for a garden, you could try this fun DIY window box garden! Plant fruits, veggies, herbs, or flowers! Watching something grow is always rewarding!

10. Watch fireworks

Summer is pretty much the only time to catch a fireworks show. Fourth of July will be here before you know it, so make sure you plan to head to a fireworks display. If you’re bringing the kids along, sparklers are always a fun activity! Just be sure to review safety with them and make sure sparklers are allowed if you’re in a public park.

Summer is the best time to check off some bucket list items! Can you complete all of our 10 summer bucket list ideas? Did we miss anything? Let us know! If you’re planning any road trips this summer be sure your vehicle is running smoothly! Check out our Summer Car Care pages to find tips and tricks on keeping your cooling and A/C system, fuel system, and exterior lights in working order. You can also look at our cosmetic repairs page for more info on fixing your dings and dents, and our sun protection page for tips on how to protect your car from the sun this summer!

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