Thursday, February 16, 2017

Introducing New Ford Wind Tunnel Complex

PEKIN, Ill., – In an attempt to improve increased fuel efficiency in their vehicles and meet the demands of many consumers, Ford is happy to introduce their new wind tunnel complex to test new production and racing vehicles. The new facility will take up 13 acres of land next to Ford's current Driveability Test Facility in Allen Park, Michigan. Construction of the facility, which will will provide state-of-the-art testing simulations, will begin in 2017.

A five-belt conveyor system will be able to recreate drag and road conditions without the need to leave the facility! In order to improve fuel efficiency, each vehicle wheel will receive its own conveyor belt, simulating up to 155 mph airflow. The belts will allow the wheels to move at up to 200 mph!

 In addition to fuel efficiency, the wind tunnel complex will also be able to test for aerodynamic shielding, high-speed performance, and can reach temperatures between -40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These conditions will allow for extreme testing to take place without having to travel to extreme climates.

"This new wind tunnel facility will not only allow us to test our performance and racing vehicle line-up but will also enable us to share innovations across all our global Ford products,” Ford Performance global director, Dave Pericak said of the new facility.

Introducing New Ford Wind Tunnel Complex

We can't wait for the new Ford wind tunnel complex to begin construction, and we're excited to see what new advancements will come from this awesome test arena. If you want to read more details, check out the Ford MediaCenter press release! While we anxiously await this new arrival, you may want to schedule a test drive of your favorite Ford at Velde! Call to make an appointment so we can have it warmed up when you get here!

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