Monday, June 26, 2017

Great Life Hacks For College Students

PEKIN, Ill., – In just a few short months, college students will be returning back to school! While they only visit for a short time, helping to prepare them for the world of adulthood can make all the difference in these upcoming years. Whether they're incoming college freshmen or seniors about to graduate, these great life hacks for college students will help them be more organized and learn new skills! You won't be able to help them all the time, but you can at least prepare them for any struggles they may have while they're away from home!

Make Early Wake-ups Easier

If they have trouble waking up in the morning, tell them to put their phone in a glass overnight. When their alarm goes off, the glass will amplify that sound and make it easier for them to wake up. Plus, they'll have to reach into the glass to turn off the alarm. If they put it away from their bed, like say across the room on their dresser, they'll have to get out of bed to turn it off, and that way, they'll be awake in no time! 

Color Code Your Keys

If they have trouble distinguishing keys, you can color code them! Using nail polish and some Scotch tape, you'll be able to tell them apart in no time! You can color code them based on their dorm room, house, car key, and other important keys to keep them organized. If you're feeling creative, you can make some pretty cool designs, too!

Hang Products From Your Curtain Rod

Say goodbye to the shower caddy! Using your shower curtain rod and a few clips, you'll be able to organize their entire shower, from hair products to skin care. This is a great way to keep their shower space open, their roommates happy, and their products all in one place. 

Bring Lots of Tupperware

Keep food for as long as possible with lots of tupperware! They'll be able to save everything from breakfast foods to midnight snacks, keeping them as fresh as possible! This is a great way to save money and time, allowing your students to focus more of your efforts towards classes. Plus, they'll be able to stack their tupperware in the fridge, keeping their roommates happy! 

Save Money For Life Goals

College is one of the most exciting times of your life. You don't have many responsibilities, you have plenty of free time, and you're given a lot of opportunities to learn about yourself. Students will find their passions and things they want to spend money on. In order to achieve those goals, though, the best strategy is to start saving money now! Collect loose change, leftover money from every paycheck, and odd job money to save up for those goals. Whether it's seeing concerts, grad school, or other hobbies, saving money in advance will give them more time to enjoy the fun without the stress.

Preparing for the next step of starting college can be overwhelming. With more expectations handed to college students and the responsibilities of taking care of themselves, it can leave parents worried about their kids. You can keep your young adults prepared with these great life hacks for college students. If they visit and are in need of some vehicle repairs, schedule an appointment with us and we'll get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible! Make sure their college experience is the best one yet, and don't forget to call them frequently!

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