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Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

PEKIN, Ill.,–– The best way to keep your vehicle running well for as long as possible is through consistent care and effort. We at Velde Ford Pekin have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your car in good condition from the experts themselves! Using these pro tips will keep your vehicle in good condition and can help you keep track of anything your vehicle may need. You'll be a pro in vehicle care in no time! 

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Keep a Vehicle Service Log

This is an excellent way to keep track of any repairs or maintenance done on your vehicle. Using a log will allow you to keep track of when you'll need oil changes, tire rotations, and more. You can also use your service log to schedule future appointments with brake examinations and other inspections to keep your vehicle running smoothly! Some maintenance, like oil changes, should be done every 3,000-5,000 miles, while others, like fuel filter replacements, need to be done at longer timeframes. Check your owner's manual for more information!

Buy the Right Kind of Fuel for Your Vehicle

If your vehicle owner's manual says that you should fill your car with regular fuel, fill your car with regular fuel! Using higher octane fuel on a car that only requires regular fuel won't make much of a difference with your car and cause you to spend money you could use somewhere else. However, if your car requires higher octane fuel, make sure you fill it accordingly, because if you don't, you can cause serious damage to your engine. Read your owner's manual for any questions you may have!

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Make sure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle are cleaned regularly! Exterior dirtiness can cause rust to build up on your vehicle and can reduce its value and potentially damage necessary parts. Waiting for the next rainstorm to "clean" you car doesn't cut it! Your vehicle's interior is just as important, as a dirty interior can cause dust and dirt to accumulate. If this happens, your chance of getting sick in your vehicle goes up significantly, so make sure you keep all parts of your vehicle clean and healthy!

Fuel Economy Tips

The best way to improve your fuel economy is by keeping a close eye on your tire pressure. If you have adequate tire pressure by keeping your tires regularly filled and cared for, your tire life will be greatly extended and you'll get better gas mileage! Closing your windows or sunroof will help as well, as it will reduce wind resistance on your vehicle. If you accelerate smoothly when you drive, you'll be able to make the most of any trip you make, big or small!

Go Easy on a New Vehicle

If you just purchased a new vehicle, you probably want to take it out as much as you can. Negative habits like speeding and excessive towing can take a toll on a new vehicle. If you go slow and keep the towing to a minimum for at least the first 1,000-1,500 miles, you can ensure a much longer life for your vehicle. Avoiding bad driving habits like these can make your driving experience painless and enjoyable, especially with that brand new set of wheels!

We at Velde Ford want to make sure you're enjoying your vehicle experience for as long as possible. Making the most of your investment is the best way to enjoy a stress-free time on and off the road. Our list of tips and tricks to keep your vehicle in good condition should help you achieve this! If you have other questions or would like some more tips, feel free to check out our Tips & Tricks page or contact us!

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