Tuesday, September 22, 2015

App Developers Asked to Contribute to Ford SYNC 3

App Developers Asked to Contribute to Ford SYNC 3

PEKIN, Ill. –– After a robust debut this past summer, Ford Motor Co.’s SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system is set to feel the positive impact of many of the world’s greatest and most technologically inclined minds. Ford is looking beyond the reach of its own innovative scope and is asking app developers to contribute to its SYNC 3 system.

App developers can dip their techie fingers into Ford’s SYNC3 development kit and vehicle data simulator software development kit, which provides them necessary information for development without having to be near a vehicle. These kits and AppLink, which enables smartphone apps with voice-command and shows apps on your SYNC screen, are foundations for developers to build from as they bring new ideas to the system.

By providing access to over a dozen design templates and all-new AppLink application programming interfaces, app developers have been asked to contribute to Ford SYNC3 by utilizing new system capabilities, such as:

  • Push notifications sent to the SYNC screen
  • Cloud-based voice-activated services for in-app activity
  • Real-time information from vehicle sensors that you customize apps with

Ford’s seeking of outside efforts to advance its SYNC 3 system is an industry-first that it began in 2013 when it asked developers to help with previous SYNC systems. Since that time, more than 13,000 developers have registered for Ford’s developer program and over 24,000 software development kits have been downloaded.

It seems the future of automotive technology is in the present for Ford considering the technological capabilities of its vehicles, SYNC 3 being only one aspect. You can see for yourself at our Pekin area Ford dealer, where even our used Fords for sale exhibit advanced technology that has been built upon since.

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