Thursday, September 17, 2015

Access Ford Vehicle Information with MyFord Mobile on Your Smartwatch

PEKIN, Ill. – The technology frenzy continues for Ford Motor Co. as it releases an update that allows you to access vehicle information with MyFord Mobile on your smartwatch. Rather than digging in your pocket and pulling out a smartphone to see what’s up with your Ford electric or hybrid plug-in vehicle, you can now take a peek at the technology on your wrist with the graceful lift of an arm and tilt of the eyes.

The MyFord Mobile app, developed by Ford engineers, provides a few actionable features and sings a litany of detailed information about your electric or hybrid vehicle, including:

  • Battery charge level so you can gauge when you need to charge up
  • Driving range so you’re aware of your distance capability before you hit the road
  • Vehicle location to help you find your parked car in the city or a mammoth mall parking lot
  • Vehicle mileage summary so you can improve your lead foot
  • Previous trip summary including personal driving score and percentage of EV miles
  • Door locking for the times you forget, and unlocking for pure convenience
  • Preconditioning your vehicle cabin remotely for cold winter nights or hot summer days

Ford is urging its customers to follow suit as it moves toward greener vehicle technology. The feature that allows you to monitor your previous trip displays your miles per gallon or mpg equivalent, trip miles, and braking and driving efficiency via a graphic of green leaves. The more green leaves shown, the more efficient you drive.

The MyFord Mobile app for smartwatches also includes a new Google Maps feature that allows you to pinch and zoom on the map to locate charging stations for your Ford electric or hybrid vehicle. The app is capable on Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatch applications, and is designed for new or existing owners of the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Focus Electric, and Ford Fusion Energi. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you’re a customer of our Pekin area Ford dealer and an owner of a Ford electric or hybrid vehicle, we recommend downloading the new MyFord Mobile app for your smartwatch. Ford is at the helm of automotive technology, as it always has been, and there’s nothing better than experiencing convenient technological integrations the automaker has spent copious hours developing to enhance your driving experience.

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