Friday, August 25, 2017

Childproof Your Vehicle

PEKIN, Ill.,–– No one wants to drive around in a dirty vehicle. Crumb-filled, sticky vehicles are the nightmare of every parent's existence. What may start off as a small mess at first can quickly become a trash-filled disaster. Childproof your vehicle today to reduce the messiness of your vehicle and keep your children occupied through any drive. Whether you're planning on heading out on a vacation or going for a drive to the grocery store, these helpful tips can be the difference between a pristine vehicle and an unappealing one.

Fill Your Vehicle With Entertainment

Childproof Your Vehicle

Electronics, road games, coloring books, and more can keep your passengers occupied while you continue on your drive. This will reduce the buildup of messes and can entertain everyone in the vehicle. From the License Plate Game to 20 Questions, get everyone in the vehicle involved with fun road trip games! Before you leave for a vacation, commute, or errand with your passengers, make sure you have several forms of entertainment to reduce your distractions and prevent any messes.

Keep Your Vehicle's Entertainment Organized

Childproof Your Vehicle

Now that your vehicle is full of entertainment, you'll want to avoid creating more messes by keeping everything all in one place. IKEA hackers is a blog dedicated to repurposing old IKEA products into new uses. In their most recent endeavor, they repurposed a Flort, a remote organizer, into an entertainment organizer for their children. Keep everything in one place with a repurposed Flort to teach your kids the importance of organization!

Manage Backseat Messes With a Bath Rug

Childproof Your Vehicle

Yes, you read that correctly - a bath rug can make all the difference between a messy and clean vehicle! You can easily take it out of your vehicle and shake off any crumbs or residue that builds up on its surface and can place it back in with ease. It can protect the floor mats on your vehicle and can increase its resale value or prevent fines if you own a lease! View the quick and easy installation directions to create an efficient backseat cleaner!

Turn an Art Caddy into a Food Container

Childproof Your Vehicle

Another great way to minimize messes in your vehicle is by repurposing art caddies into food containers! They're relatively inexpensive and can help make a huge difference with the buildup of messes, as passengers can contain most of their debris within these caddies. While it may not prevent the spread of crumbs that end up everywhere, it will at least teach your children the value of organization, especially with food!

Use Shopping Bags to Clean Up Trash

Childproof Your Vehicle

Put your plastic shopping bags to good use by keeping one or two in your vehicle to clean up trash easily! Keep yourself and your passengers accountable by hanging them from the backs of your front seat's headrests. That way, everyone in the back can throw their trash in the grocery bags instead of scattering it throughout your vehicle. You can also use your shopping bags to carry emergency supplies, food, or other necessities, giving your passengers easy access should they need it.

Whether you're heading on a cross-country road trip or are visiting friends, make sure you childproof your vehicle to protect it from a potential backseat disaster. Traveling soon? Keep your kids occupied on road trips to reduce distractions, messes, and "are we there yet?"s. Before you know it, school will be starting up again. Grab everything your elementary schooler may need with our back to school shopping list to prepare them for the new year! 

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