Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy On Any Road Trip

PEKIN, Ill.,–– What makes a road trip last longer than it should? Young, bored passengers. Hearing "I'm bored", "Are we there yet?" and other repetitive questions can make a trip seem that much longer and can make driving a less-than-stellar experience. However, if you know a few tricks, you can keep your passengers from distracting you. In fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents and can be severely reduced with just a little pre-trip prep. Use the ideas below to keep your kids busy on any road trip!

1. Create a Busy Box or Bag

Turn a shoebox or pencil case into a busy box for the younger kids! You can fill them with educational activities like the one above, Lego sets, classic games like tic-tac-toe, or other fun activities. All you need is a small box with a securable lid and something that fits the fancy of your little ones inside! 

2. Turn Your Windows into Canvases

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids
If you're willing to have your windows a little messy, use window markers to turn your windows into canvases for your kids! You can give everyone in the vehicle one window and have them draw something a piece of art with the window as their "canvas". Before you know it, you'll be piloting the best collaborative art project on the road! Just make sure to avoid blocking blind spots and the windshields.

3. Pack Plenty of Movies

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids

Whether you own a vehicle with a built-in DVD player or have movies downloaded on a tablet, having digital entertainment on hand will keep everyone occupied for hours at a time. We recommend bringing family-friendly classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo for movies that everyone will love!

4. Invest in a Polaroid

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids

For younger passengers and teens, a simple Polaroid camera is a great way to keep everyone entertained. It'll give them a chance to express themselves with photography and the instantly developed photos look great in a scrapbook. You can alternatively purchase a disposable camera and wait until the end of the trip to develop the memories! 

5. Play the License Plate Game

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids

If you're driving across state borders, it's a guarantee that you'll see non-Illinois license plates! You can have fun and do a little competition with your kids by playing the license plate game. This will help little ones learn a little more about our country and can be done sans-technology. Whoever finds the most unique license plates during the whole drive wins. You can incentivize winners with money, candy, front seat time on the way back, or whatever else you decide!

6. Make a Road Trip Playlist

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids
Listening to music is one of the best, and most classic, ways to pass the time in the car. Get everyone to add their top 10 favorite songs to a playlist before leaving and play it on the drive through the speakers. You can keep the playlist and burn it on a CD when you get home, that way you'll have audible memories of your road trip!

7. Download Fun and Entertaining Apps

What to Do When You're Traveling With Kids

Get everyone in the vehicle involved in the family fun with some entertaining group apps! Play the famous guessing game Heads Up, play a unique version of Roadside Bingo, and sing your heart out with Karaoke Anywhere! There are plenty of apps to choose from, but these are our road trip favorites.

With this handy guide of ideas to keep your kids busy on any road trip, you'll be ready to take the best road trip yet! Before you head out on your trip, make sure you have all of your road trip essentials packed. You won't want to leave without them! If you happen to run into trouble on the road, knowing what to do in the event of an accident will help you prepare and get help as soon as possible. Don't forget to schedule an appointment with us before you leave to have your vehicle looked at to ensure that it's ready to go on your vacation!

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