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Knowing the Difference Between CPO and Used Cars

PEKIN, Ill.,–– Certified pre-owned and used vehicles have many things in common. Both types of vehicles have been previously owned, are available in a variety of makes and models, and usually have affordable down payments. However, CPO and used vehicles are also very different. Knowing the difference between CPO and used cars can help you make a more informed purchase decision when it's time to buy a new vehicle. Get to know what makes a vehicle Certified or Used, and learn the benefits of purchasing one today!

Knowing the Difference Between CPO and Used Cars

What Makes a CPO Vehicle Certified?

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must pass a 172-point inspection before they're considered Ford Certified. Each CPO vehicle must belong to one of the current or preceding 5 model years and must have no more than 80,000 miles on its odometer. CPO vehicles also receive comprehensive limited warranties, covering over 1,000 components for 10,000 miles/1 year and a limited powertrain warranty for 100,000 miles/7 years. In order to receive their certification, CPO vehicles must also have a clean title and history report, without a history of accidents or costly repairs. Find out how vehicles become CPO certified to learn more about this process and Certified Pre-Owned vehicle features.

What Makes a Used Vehicle Different From a CPO?

Knowing the Difference Between CPO and Used Cars

While Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have a rigid set of rules and regulations, used vehicles carry much less restrictions on their vehicles. You can purchase a used version of just about any make and model on our lot, no matter how old or new. Plus, if you purchase a used vehicle from us at Velde Ford, any warranties still valid on your used vehicle will carry over to you so you won't have to worry about purchasing new warranties! With more options and affordability in mind, purchasing a used vehicle provides drivers with plenty of opportunity in finding a vehicle that's up to their standards. Take a look at our used vehicle inventory to find something today!

The Pros of Owning a CPO Vehicle

Knowing the Difference Between CPO and Used Cars

Owning a CPO vehicle comes with a lot of great perks that can benefit drivers! Take a look at our CPO program overview for more information on what this exclusive program entails. Some of the biggest pros to owning a CPO can include:

  • Ownership of a newer vehicle
  • Comprehensive limited warranties
  • Limited powertrain warranty for 7 years
  • Ford-certified service
  • 172-point inspection
  • Clean vehicle title and history report
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

The Pros of Owning a Used Vehicle

Knowing the Difference Between CPO and Used Cars

However, owning a used vehicle comes with a lot of benefits as well! At Velde Ford, you can find used vehicles of just about every make and model available. Take a look at our used vehicle inventory to find out for yourself. These are the biggest benefits to owning a used vehicle:

  • Wider range of vehicle options
  • Much more affordable compared to CPO
  • Avoid new vehicle fees
  • Negotiable prices
  • Affordable insurance rates
  • Transferrable warranties
  • Less paperwork and time at the dealership

While CPO and used vehicles can often be confused with one another, knowing the difference between CPO and used cars can help you make your purchasing decision based off your budget and needs. Whether you're looking for a specific make and model or prefer the security of a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, we at Velde Ford have something for everyone! Shop around our used vehicle and CPO inventory to see what we have in stock, and let us know if we can help you find anything! If you're still on the fence about CPO vehicles, consider why you should buy a CPO with our handy guide.

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