Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

PEKIN, Ill., – Has there ever been a better time than the middle of the summer to talk about ice cream? Illinois is hot, and ice cream is cold. Need we say more? Check out these 5 ice cream treats to make at home, and treat yourself and your family to a cool dessert or snack!

1. Ice Cream Sandwich

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

If you want a simple homemade ice cream novelty, try this take on a classic and make your own ice cream sandwiches. Get as creative as you want with it. Make your cookies from scratch or buy your favorites at the store. Experiment with toppings and flavors, or try this recipe for instructions.

2. Frozen Ice Cream S’mores

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

This twist on a summertime favorite is sure to be a hit. All you really need is some graham crackers, ice cream, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate. But if you want a fun recipe, try this one.

3. Nutella Cool Whip Popsicles

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

All you need for these sweet frozen snacks is milk, nutella, and cool whip. Follow this recipe for the right proportions. You’ll also need popsicle molds to freeze your treats. 

4. Ice Cream Cupcakes

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

You could definitely alter this recipe to your liking, but these ice cream cupcakes are a good starting point. Try a different flavor of ice cream or a different type of cookie to personalize your cupcakes!

5. Ice Cream Tacos

5 Ice Cream Treats to Make at Home

At first glance, these might seem complicated but this recipe is surprisingly simple. Try filling them with different flavors and using different toppings for more variety!

Hopefully these 5 ice cream treats to make at home inspire you to make your own cool desserts! If not, maybe they’ll inspire you to go to the ice cream shop! Get creative and cool off in this heat! Don’t forget to head over to Velde Ford, or VeldeFordPekin.com to enter our vehicle giveaway contest! Since Velde Ford is turning 60, we’re giving away a 2 year lease on a 2017 Ford Escape! Entry is free so go sign up!

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