Wednesday, July 6, 2016

10 Clever Camping Tips

PEKIN, Ill., – Are you planning a camping trip this summer? The nice weather presents a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the season! Make your camping time more convenient with our list of 10 clever camping tips.

1. Toothpaste Dots

10 Clever Camping Tips

Rather than packing the entire tube of toothpaste, make small toothpaste dots by squeezing the toothpaste onto wax paper or tinfoil. Allow them to dry a few days before you leave and pack them in a smaller container.

2. DIY Fire Starters

10 Clever Camping Tips

Don’t throw away the dryer lint! Put it inside of empty toilet paper tubes and use it to start your campfires.

3. Store Plastic Cutlery and Napkins

10 Clever Camping Tips

Use a recycled drink holder to store your napkins and plastic silverware. This will keep you more organized!

4. Store Matches in a Mason Jar

Before heading into the wilderness, transfer matches from their original cardboard box, into a mason jar. Buy strike anywhere matches and glue a piece of sandpaper to the lid for easy lighting. This will keep your matches safe and dry.

5. Gallon Jug Lamp

10 Clever Camping Tips

Use a gallon jug filled with water and a headlamp to create a lamp for your tent or table area. The water reflects the headlamp to create more ambient light.

6. Pre-whisk Eggs

10 Clever Camping Tips

Save yourself some trouble at mealtime by whisking your scrambled eggs at home. Transport them in a plastic container for convenience. This also saves you from broken eggs in the cooler.

7. Store Snacks in Plastic Containers

10 Clever Camping Tips

Rather than bringing the whole bag or box of snacks, store snacks in plastic containers. This keeps food fresh and dry, and combats crunching!

8. Collapsible Trash Can

10 Clever Camping Tips

A collapsible mesh laundry basket makes a great trash can. Line the basket with a trash bag and to keep your trash receptacle accessible and contained.

9. 2-Liter Toilet Paper Holder

10 Clever Camping Tips

To keep your toilet paper dry, transform a 2-liter plastic bottle into a toilet paper holder. Just cut off the bottom, insert the roll, and pop the bottom back on!

10. Prepare Salad in To-Go Cups

10 Clever Camping Tips

For a quick campsite lunch, prepare chopped salad at home before you leave and store the salads in plastic to-go cups. This will keep your salad fresh and the straw hole makes a nice fork holder!

We think our list of 10 clever camping tips will help your camping trip be the most convenient one yet! If we missed any important tips, be sure to let us know! If you want to stay connected during your travels, be sure to utilize Ford SYNC! Check out our newest Ford SYNC Technology page to better understand the technologies your Ford vehicle is capable of.

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