Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ford Warriors in Pink

PEKIN, Ill., – According to a study conducted by Ford Warriors in Pink, one of the biggest concerns of breast cancer patients is their ability to maintain their daily schedules. Ford Warriors in Pink is an organization that supports breast cancer patients and their families. For 22 years they have offered assistance and support to patients, survivors, and co-survivors. Through their More Good Days initiative, they hope to offer convenient services like organic meal planning and free rides to breast cancer patients.

More Good Days
More Good Days is Ford Warriors in Pink’s initiative to help breast cancer patients and their families enjoy more good days. They do this by offering helpful services to ensure that life stays as normal as possible during cancer treatment. They provide resources on their website for services like organic meal planning, free house cleaning, mastectomy specific clothing items, and other services and tips.

Ford Warriors in Pink

Models of Courage
Ford Warriors in Pink has also created the Models of Courage program. This program highlights breast cancer survivors, patients, and co-survivors to provide courageous models to others fighting a similar battle. They aim to show that there are good days and that women can thrive during and after their breast cancer diagnosis.

Gear that Gives
Every year Ford Warriors in Pink offers clothing items each with a specified donation amount as part of their cost. This month they have launched the 2016 line of clothing, including a sweatshirt specifically for women who have undergone mastectomy surgery.

Ford Warriors in Pink

Ford Warriors in Pink continues to offer support and assistance to the large population of those impacted by breast cancer. If you would like more information about Ford Warriors in Pink check out their website! You can read about all of the services they offer, tips for patients and families, or purchase clothing to donate to the fight against breast cancer! At Velde Ford, we are always concerned with your safety and well-being. If you think it's time to schedule your routine maintenance, make an appointment with our service center online.

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