Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ford’s New Robotic Technology

PEKIN, Ill., – It’s 2016 and robots are no longer a futuristic possibility, but a reality in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, and now the automotive industry. Ford’s new robotic technology known as collaborative robots, or co-bots, has been implemented to help assist factory workers on the assembly line.

Ford’s New Robotic Technology

Co-bot Technology…

Eases difficulty of tasks
Co-bots don’t have human strength restrictions, meaning they are able to assist in completing tasks that would be arduous to factory workers.

Improves safety of workers
Co-bots are capable of sensing the smallest object in their path, including arms and fingers, to improve worker safety conditions.

Enhances speed of tasks
Co-bot technology complements the already skilled workers. Instead of manually lifting and positioning parts, the robots can swiftly lift and place heavy objects, increasing speed on the assembly line.

Ford’s New Robotic Technology

As well as assisting workers in their day-to-day tasks, collaborative robots are also a huge testament to the leaps and bounds Ford is making to progress automotive industry technology. The trial introduction of the co-bots at Ford’s Cologne, Germany assembly plant is being used as research to pinpoint operations that would be best completed by the new robotic technology. With the implementation of this exciting new technology, Ford hopes to continue the progressive movement and enhance productivity and safety in all of its plants around the world.

Ford’s new robotic technology is changing the way cars are produced. What do you think about robots working in factories? We think this forward momentum is just what the auto industry needs! The Ford SYNC technology in your Ford vehicle isn’t quite as advanced as the co-bot technology, but it can still do some pretty awesome stuff. If you want to learn more about Ford SYNC and all of your vehicle’s capabilities, be sure to check out our Ford SYNC Technology page at Velde Ford Pekin!

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